Why choose mobile grooming?
Mobile grooming offers a stress-free environment for you and your pet. You no longer have to wrestle your dirty animal into your clean car or take time out of your busy day to run him to the salon and pick him up. Your animal no longer has to be groomed in an environment rife with infection from exposure to other animals or the anxiety of being far from home.

Never again will your pet have to wait for hours on end in a cage, listening to the cry of strange animals waiting for her turn to be groomed.

You and your dog will always have the same groomer available to talk to and go over your animal’s service. This ensures you have personalized one-to-one service.

We utilize a hydro surge luxury bathing system that provides wonderful relief for dogs with hip dysplasia and aches caused by poor circulation.

We maintain a clean, sanitary, and professional environment. Only safe, all-natural, organic, detergent-free, and pesticide-free products will be used on your animal.

Our unique Diamond Spa service ensures that you and your animal have a professional, courteous, positive, stress-free, and relaxing animal grooming experience.

What can I expect when I make an appointment with Shear Pets?
You can expect a five-diamond service experience. First-time clients are encouraged to take a guided tour of our state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon and to check in during the grooming treatment for peace of mind. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of pet grooming and a special experience for our clients – human and animal.

All of our services begin with either our Diamond Spa or our Sahara Spa services.

We begin all of our appointments by asking you detailed questions about your pet’s health, grooming history, and your grooming expectations.

We offer online booking and booking through email, if you prefer. We suggest you create an account before contacting us through email to facilitate the booking process. This also allows you to see what we have available at the time.

In addition, we will request you to email or fax proof of current rabies shot. We will require the proof of rabies shot sent at minimum three days prior to your appointment. Rabies shots should be given at least 2 weeks prior to an appointment to avoid complications. In the event that we do not receive your paperwork three days prior to your appointment, we will have to cancel your appointment until you have time to provide us the rabies paperwork.

On the day of your appointment we will call you when we arrive and find the nearest level parking spot, so please have your kitty in a carrier or your dog on a leash at the time of your appointment and your phone handy. We call the number you enter for the Best Contact Phone Number.

Once we call, you can bring your fur baby down to the van; cats must be in carriers and dogs must be leashed. Please note that we do not come to your door or into your home.

For your fur baby’s first appointment, we will go over your pet’s coat, further discuss your grooming expectations, discuss potential added fees based on coat condition and animal size, and go over any additional concerns or requests you may have.

After our discussion we will whisk your pet away and we will call you when we are done to return her sparkling clean and smelling pretty and ready to run into the back yard and to roll in the mud again!

Do yo have any discount or refferal programs?

Yes we do. Just sign up here
If you have a referral you and your referral will get $10 off your appointment. You can combine as may referrals as you want, up to including a free groom! Promocode is your email plus Ref1 example: me@someemail.comRef1

What areas does Shear Pets service?
We service San Francisco. Unfortunately, we will no longer be serving Colma & Daly City, East Bay, South San Francisco

Who are the people behind Shear Pets?
We are glad you asked. We wax poetic about ourselves over here.

Do you use our electricity and water?
Never. Our van is fully self-contained. All we leave behind is a clean pet and a happy smile.

Can I see inside your van?
Absolutely! You can view images here and/or feel free to ask for a tour when we pull up for your appointment.

How often should I groom my cat?
Every 6-8 weeks is optimal but at minimum at least once every 3 months.

Tell me more about your grooming van.
Our van is a state-of-the-art self-contained mobile grooming van built on the frame of a Ford E 350 extended cab. The van contains a full-size 16-gauge stainless steel tub that will hold the largest breed with room to spare and has double drains for uneven slopes. In addition, a stainless steel perforated shelf in the tub raises the smallest dog 9″ from the bottom of the tub so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Our grooming table reaches entirely to the floor for a smooth and stress-free ride up to grooming level. We also feature a slide-out bridge that takes the animal directly from table to tub. This feature is especially important for older dogs with hip problems, ensuring that your animal doesn’t injure himself by hopping in and out of a tub.

All Shear Pet customers receive massaging hydro baths. The hydro bath gets down to the skin on the deepest of coats and provides your animal with a soft water massage.

We want to ensure we leave with what we came with, so we have two 50-gallon water tanks for our fresh and grey water.

For power, we use an Onan 7000-Watt commercial generator and a spiral cell auxiliary battery.

A comfortable pet is a happy pet. We have installed an amazing climate control system. We also have a powerful heating system to create a cozy environment for cold days and a Roof-mounted Carrier Air Conditioner to keep your pet cool on those scorching sunny days.

Will you groom in our home?
Nope! We do all our work in our fancy truck! We have all of our tools here, but most importantly bringing your pet to the truck puts them on their best behavior. Cats behave better in a gorgon environment, they don't know where to run and hide. Dogs do better when you don't upset them by coming into their home, where they feel they need to defend themselves. Instead, they think they are going for a walk and are in a happy mood vs. being on the defensive when we meet.

How much do you cost?
We have a $100 minimum service fee. Prices vary by breed, services provided, condition of coat, and animal temperament. For prices on all our services, see our services page.

Dogs with fur longer than 2.5 inches on 55% or more of the total dog, post fur cut, will incur an automatic 15% add on fee to the service. This policy excludes hock, leg, ear, tail, and bib fringe and all cats. Because even the most loyal cat is not a dog.

Do you bathe cats?

Cats, despite their constant self-cleaning, may not always do a stand-up job. In particular, kittens can be really bad at self-grooming for up to a year. Who wants a stinky kitten mewing at their heels?! Also adult cats are wonders of adventure! We often wonder where they went and how they got that strange oily substance all over their coats. Not to worry: we can take care of it!

For the safety of our groomer all nails will be clipped at the begining of your appointment, without exception.

How do I choose a service for my cats first groom?
We offer two types of Spa services for cats.

Our Diamond Spa is centered around a water bath and is the most efficient for removing dander. However, your cat may not get through the drying process for her first time. If she is in good health and under 10 years of age, we will be happy to give it a try.

Our Sahara Sapphire Spa is our dry spa service. It is perfect for your cat that hates water. This service will get some of her dander out and remove a lot of her loose coat. Most folks are allergic to dander.

Our Lion Cut with the Diamond Spa will remove all of the hair and all the dander, but can be stressful for your cat.

Our Lion Cut with the Sahara Sapphire Spa will remove all of the hair and 70% of the dander with the least amount of stress to your cat.

What other animals do you bathe?
If it’s furry and can fit in our van we will bathe it. The most unusual animal we have experienced are Peruvian hamsters.

What animals do you not bathe?
We do turn away aggressive dogs or cats. We are also currently not accepting rabbits.

We do not service un-neutered males over four months.

What is your dog biting policy
We have a zero tolerance dog bite policy. If your dog bites our groomer we will immediately cease grooming him/her and you will be charged a minimum of $100.

Do you express anal glands?
We do not perform anal gland expression. We believe routine anal gland expression is unhealthy, overly traumatizing, painful, and unnecessary.

Anal gland expression is a practice performed by many groomers as a preventative measure to keep an animal from soiling itself after a bath and thus a groomer having to re-bathe the animal.

We would rather take the time and re-bathe your animal vs. causing her unnecessary pain. The process of anal gland expression involves tightly squeezing delicate organs in your pet’s private area. The process and the pain are not unlike trying to squeeze a giant pimple that has risen on your most sensitive of parts.

Anal gland oils are meant to help lubricate your animals stool and mark his territory. Removing the oils can cause emotional trauma, constipation, and done improperly may cause infection or permanent damage. If there is a build up of anal oils this maybe be managed holistically with nutritional supplements or even a diet change. If your animal’s anal gland is impacted or infected you should seek medical attention for your pet.

Can you guarantee my pet will not be exposed to fleas or disease?
We cannot guarantee that a young puppy or kitten who is not fully vaccinated will not be exposed to any animal related diseases. Nor any animal not currently on a flea medicine regime. Simply because we cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the sidewalk outside of our truck.

Parvo can be transmitted from shoes walking on contaminated concrete. Fleas can be picked up walking on grass.

We do our absolute best to keep our truck clean and we disinfect after each animal.

Please note that we do not groom animals that have not had a clear bill of health after their medications are finished for Giardia, parvo, ringworm or coccidia.

The reason why we don't allow these animals in the truck is because it takes ammonia to do a complete wipe down of the truck from top to bottom. As well as the fact that they are highly contagious to animals, humans and could kill any of our young clients. They are also incredibly pervasive.

Do you charge extra for matted pets?
Additional fees may be applied at a flat rate of $75 per hour if the allotted grooming time is greatly exceeded due to unforeseen conditions involving coat density, excessive under coat extraction, fur matting, or other unusual circumstances discovered during the course of grooming. If additional fees may need to be applied we will contact you before proceeding

Do you de-funk the skunk?
It is a service that, sadly, no longer offer. We recommend our friends at Mud Puppy, they have an excellent enzyme process that they use. Please tell them that we say “hi!”

Do you use Dawn when washing or degreasing animals?
No. Dawn contains Triclosan. Lab studies link Triclosan to cancer, developmental defects, and liver and inhalation toxicity. Read more about it at EWG (http://www.ewg.org/node/2670)

Are you paid for your provider or supply recommendations?
We only recommend things that we like and use. We encourage you to buy your products at local stores or through Amazon Smile.


What is your Cancellation Policy?
In the unlikely event that you do not cancel your appointment in under 72 hours from the appointment time; we charge full price for same day cancellations and $100* if less than 72 hours notice, per appointment slot. *Example: You have a 1 pm ad a 2 pm appointment, you will be charged $200 if your cancelation is under 72 hrs

If there is no available parking when we arrive and we are unable to service your animal, we charge a $50 fee.
If you and/or your pet are not present for your appointment after 20 minutes of your appointment time, you will be charged the full appointment price.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we do! All debit or credit cards.

My schedule is really busy and I don’t always have time to schedule a service, how can you accommodate me?
For the first few visits we want the owner present. Our first visit will be about discussing styling and health concerns, as well as just getting to know your pet. We offer a wide variety of service days and times to meet your needs.

Grooming salons keep my pet sometimes all day, how long does mobile grooming take?
Grooming salons take in a high volume of animals every day. Your animal is often in a cage surrounded by screaming and barking pets all day while they wait for service. Mobile grooming is a one-to-one service. On average animals take 1-2 hours to groom. For added convenience we can also make arrangements to groom your pet while you are away so you can come home to a fresh clean pet!

How old does an animal have to be to have their first spa?
They are never too young to start. We recommend a minimum age of 6 weeks. This will insure there are not mother/baby bonding issues. We use special products safe for baby animals. If your animal was abandoned and is less than 6 weeks of age we are happy to accommodate you, just email us and let us know!

I work at a pet-friendly business and some coworkers and I would like you to come out and treat our animals to spas. Are there any corporate or volume discounts?
You bet! Call or email and we can talk dirty details and corporate discounts.

Why is my animal still wet/damp/fur uneven/????
On very rare occasions an animal will not yield to our tender bathing ways. We will stop service if we or your animal is in jeopardy of serious injury, emotional or physical. No bath is worth the price of harming any animal.

In this event, especially if your spa service was to include a fur trim, your animal maybe returned to you in a less-than-optimal beauty condition. S/he will be clean but perhaps not have symmetrically trimmed fur and/or be completely dry. We will do our utmost to make sure we have accomplished as much as possible while staying within the confines of your animal’s safety and contentedness. Upon these rare occasions full spa services will still be charged.

Do you provide hand stripping or coat rolling?
I’m afraid we do not. Hand stripping and coat rolling, we believe, are excessive coat treatments meant only for show dog life. The practice requires hand extraction of fur, literally pulling out the coat, like a full body wax for your dog. We here at Shear Pets like our furry clients to have a happy and relaxing experience. We do not think pulling out anyone’s hair by the root sounds like fun!

I don’t have a parking lot, garage or driveway near my house, is that a problem?
If your garage can accommodate vehicles 10’5″ or if you have easy street parking it’s not a problem at all.

If you have a paid parking lot near your house we are happy to use it. Parking lot fees will be added to your total bill.

If you are in the heart of the city and there is not easy parking within a 2-block radius of your location I’m afraid we can’t service you.

We are able to park in available yellow zones.

What if there is parking when I made the appointment but there isn’t any when you show up?
We are very sorry to say we will not be able to service your animal and a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

Do you drug animals?
No. If your pet is sensitive about being touched, you may want to give her some Rescue Remedy an hour before service. Rescue Remedy is an herbal tincture that we call the “Pet Martini”, it takes the edge off of being anxious during service. You can find Rescue Remedy at GMC, Amazon, and Pet Food Express. Be sure to check with your Vet that it is OK for your pet!

Do you offer Gift Certificates?
We sure do! We are very glad that you asked. Please email us for more details.


Please note that all prices are approximate.

If your dog pees or poops in the van, we charge a $20 clean up fee. The best way to avoid this is to take your dog on a bathroom break walk before their appointment.

The final price will be determined based on skin & coat condition, fur density, weight and animal disposition.

Additional fees may be applied at a flat rate of $75 per hour if the allotted grooming time is greatly exceeded due to unforeseen conditions involving excessive under coat extraction, heavily matted fur, or other unusual circumstances discovered during the course of grooming. If additional fees must be applied, we will contact you before proceeding with service.