Mobile Cat & Dog Grooming

Our groomers pride themselves on making sure all of our customers, furry and human, are happy and comfortable. No two pets are alike and we provide individually crafted treatments for every client.

All of our animal spa treatments are offered on site at your home or office. Your pet never need suffer the stressful ride to the groomers or the trauma of all-day separation.

Many grooming facilities specialize solely in canine styling. Here at Shear Pets we embrace all our animal friends. Your beloved pet, large or small, can experience the safe and gentle care of the Shear Pets Diamond Service.

Shear Pets offers a complete Nose to Tail Service Menu including Soft Claws PETacures, complete breed-standard fur styling, decadent couture perfumes, natural flea treatments, tooth brushing and refreshing herbal baths all at your doorstep! We also offer 100% scent-free, hypoallergenic spa services to protect sensitive skin and reduce animal allergens. Your pet’s spa treatment will finish with a silk bow or handsome neckerchief and gluten-free all-organic chicken treat.

Peruse our Spa Menu and select your Shear Pets service. Together we will customize your needs for your pet’s style, coat, and skin needs.

We look forward to seeing you!

-Team Shear Pets

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​​​San Francisco’s Best Gentle Mobile Groomers

At Shear Pets, customers come first. Unlike traditional groomers, we are dedicated to only one customer at a time: you.

We provide a warm, private, and inviting spa environment for your pet, surrounding her with comforting aromatics, your choice of music, and only the finest in natural and organic products.

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