COVID-19 and what we are doing at Shear Pets

WE ARE OPEN We fall under “Essential business” as a direct to home supplier of services and sanitation. We have notification from the State of California Health Board, California Groomers Association, and the County and City of San Francisco. You can check out our documents and letters on our social media accounts  Facebook Twitter  or Instagram 
AS OF JUNE 1 San Francisco County is not allowing anyone in our "shop". We are sad to say we can not honor our usual protocols and allow pet parents inside.

PLEASE WEAR A MASK TO MEET US. We are trying to keep you safe and we would greatly appreciate the same. IF you have a fever or anyone in your home does, please cancel your appointment.

ALL PETS must be on a leash or in a carrier. If we arrive and you pet is not secure we will not be able to provide service and charges may apply. Help keep us and everyone safe. 

Here is our 15 step safety protocol:

1. We are wearing an N95 masks and gloves for the entire service
2. We wash our hands before we meet you and put on fresh gloves
3. We ask clients to stay 6 feet away and place carriers on the ground or we will open the van doors 
4. We are collecting carriers with a clean cloth and/or fresh gloves
5. Performing the grooming services. 
6. Replacing the pet back in the carrier or on leash. 
7. Germicidal wipes and or wash all equipment touched your animal
8. Wash hands
9.  Change Gloves
10. Collect carrier or leash with new cloth and/or fresh gloves
11.Wipe down credit card with germicidal cloth/or handle with gloves
12. Swipe card
13. Email receipt
14. Give you back your carrier or leashed pet
15. Wash our hands

We appreciate you helping us keep everyone healthy