We Are Going Through Some Changes!
Introducing the new cat-tastic mega makeover. Shear Pets is now

Kittington’s Mobile Cat Grooming
Where whiskers meet wonders on wheels!

I was aiming for a grand reveal that rivals a cat emerging from a magician's hat – except instead of a cat, it's our revamped website and all our socials and ads getting a makeover in one giant swoop! But alas, turning this dream into reality is proving to be as tricky as herding cats. So, as we primp and pounce behind the scenes, don't be startled if you catch glimpses of our old Shear Pets name clinging on for dear life – it's all part of the purr-ocess!

So, What Changes?

For Kitty Clients

The changes are minimal: same groomer, same truck (now with new branding), and booking process remains unchanged. You can still use the old web address and phone number indefinitely, as they'll redirect to the new website and contact details during the transition.

If you are a new client just follow the prompts here to sign up per regular.

For Doggy Clients:

If I have seen your pup in the last six months, then we can continue to serve your pup as long as you are pre-booked for the next year for regular 4-8 week grooming. I will have to make your bookings for you. You can still cancel and view your appointments in your account at any time.

For pups I have not seen in 6 months or more I kindly refer you Golden Gate Grooming, Doggylicious and Groom Buggy. They are all really nice folx!
I will not be taking any new (to me) pup clients.
If you currently have a pup appointment on the books, you still do! All existing appointments will be honoured.

New Stuff

New Web address will be kittingtons.com

New Phone 415-798-2000

New email: kittingtonscatgrooming@gmail.com

You can still ring us up on the old 888 number, when it comes to setting up appointments, but keep an eye out for the new 415 number popping up on your caller ID!

Now, about emails: You can continue reaching us at shearpets@gmail.com, and booking via shearpets.com will smoothly redirect to our new digs as I roll out the changes. So, no need to fret about missing a meow-ment!

That’s All Folx

Any Questions? Feel free to free to send an email to kittingtonscatgrooming@gmail.com

Hello and Welcome to Kittington's formerly Shear Pets Mobile Cat Grooming serving  cats in San Francisco! 
Shear Pets Mobile Grooming

At Shear Pets we think your pet is special; deserving our full attention 100% of the time.​ Unlike traditional pet care providers, we are dedicated to only one customer at a time; you. ​ We never jam animals together in cages or pack a load of pups up in a van. We attend to one single special animal at a time, yours. Shear Pets Mobile Grooming in San Francisco Dog grooming San Francisco. Cat Grooming San Francisco cat

We are a local San Francisco company providing boutique concierge pet grooming care, delivered to your home!

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