Come Join Our Team!

Exceptional Pet Groomer

At Shear Pets we want our groomer to focus just on grooming!

We have an in house staff to manage all of the shop calls and booking. No more running from dog to phone. Enjoy the solitude of working on one pet at a time, at your pace, in the quiet of your own grooming van. No more dozens of screaming caged dogs or meowing of sad kenneled cats. We optimize your grooming route so you make the maximum amount of money, in the least amount of time. All our grooms start at $75, and go up from there. You will never earn less per pet, no matter the grooming service!

We are offering Full and Part Time positions, flexible hours, a full client list and office support. If you have clients that will move with you, we have a bonus for you and a discount for them!

Requirements: Grooming, bathing & hand drying all dogs &/or cats, full brush out (remove all mats), ear cleaning & nail trim and ability to create breed and puppy cuts and/or Lion and Comb Cuts with cats. Ability to clean and sanitize work station and effected areas.

Total Compensation is 40-50% of the groom plus additional compensation, if you are a managing team member, plus Bonuses, Hiring Bounty, and, of course, tips! We do not pool tips, you keep all of what you are given for your well done job.

We offer Full and Part Time, flexible hours, a full client list and office support.

Applicants will be expected to perform duties on a test pet.

Additional Requirements Include:

*Sparkling personality
*Strong work ethic.
* Be punctual, responsible, well spoken, creative and passionate!

*Ability to drive a large van
*Ability to learn new phone apps and use of a smartphone or tablet required 
*No at fault driving record for the past 3 years.

*Grooming Certification preferred but not required.

*2 year minimum grooming experience or 6 months with formal training certificate.

Please submit your resume HERE or email us your resume, portfolio with cover letter and 3 former job references (required) to


Animal Care Giver

​​This is a pawsative position that includes in home care for cats and/or pet nail clipping. We are looking for motivated personalities that love animals!

This is a flexible position that has potential for growth to be part or full time.

Compensation includes; flexible hours, make your own! 50% of all charges, plus tips!

Requirements include:

*Experience clipping cat and dog nails

​*A current and valid driver's license

*Your own presentable vehicle, we provide sign branding 
*Sparkling personality
*Great with people
*Strong work ethic
*Be punctual, responsible, well spoken, creative and passionate!
*Must be able to build client relationships and provide exceptional customer service
*Smartphone proficiency, including, but not limited to, ability to learn new phone apps for booking & charging 

Please submit your resume HERE or email us your resume, portfolio with cover letter and 3 former job references (required) to

Shear Pets Mobile Grooming is currently looking for new members to join our team. We have a large, established client base and are currently looking for someone to help enhance our team. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional and unique service to all our fur friends and their guardians!